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Indian Wedding in Tuscany, Pujaa + Vishal

Bride and groom exit with petals at Renaissance Il Ciocco Resort and Spa Wedding

We are thrilled to share Pujaa and Vishal’s Indian wedding in Tuscany—a celebration that perfectly encapsulated the essence of luxury and elegance in a magical setting. 

From a breath taking sundowner Sangeet to a peachy earth-toned Indian wedding ceremony, followed by a delightful Pizza Party by the pool, and culminating in a grand Gala Reception Dinner, every moment was meticulously curated to create an unforgettable experience. This Indian wedding in Tuscany holds a special place in our hearts, showcasing the unique and personalized touch that defines us here at Karishma Manwani Events.

Our wedding planning journey with Pujaa and Vishal began back in 2018 when we first met them in London. From the very beginning, Pujaa and Vishal proved to be the perfect couple for us. Their attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and desire for an elegant and timeless design resonated perfectly with our vision. Above all, their commitment to providing an excellent guest experience mirrored our own philosophy. It was clear from the start that we were an ideal match. Originally scheduled for 2020, their wedding plans were unfortunately affected by the global pandemic, leading to two necessary adjustments. Despite these unexpected challenges, our team remained dedicated to ensuring that Pujaa and Vishal’s dream Indian wedding in Tuscany would be a reality. We navigated the changing circumstances with flexibility, working closely with them to create a memorable and beautiful celebration.

Spanning three unforgettable days, Pujaa and Vishal’s grand destination Indian wedding in Tuscany welcomed guests from around the world. Our dedicated team, stationed at both Pisa and Florence airports, ensured a seamless arrival experience for every guest, escorting them to luxurious transfers awaiting their arrival. At the hotel, both families extended warm hospitality, greeting guests with open arms. We set up a dedicated hospitality room for the wedding guests, which was always filled with everyone’s favourite Indian snacks alongside an enticing assortment of Italian pastries and biscuits. And, of course, no gathering would be complete without a steaming cup of masala chai.

Lucca town

Tuscany is the Perfect Location for Indian Destination Weddings!


The celebrations commenced with the joyous Mandvo ceremony, conducted beautifully by the esteemed Priest Sundar Maharaj. Following the rich Gujarati wedding customs, this auspicious event marked the beginning of the couple’s journey towards their wedding. The Mandvo ceremony traditionally begins with a Ganesh Pooja, a revered ritual believed to invoke peace and harmony, infusing the entire occasion with auspicious blessings. As soon as the religious rites concluded, Pujaa and Vishal’s family and friends playfully covered them with vibrant Haldi, adding a touch of excitement to the proceedings. Pujaa’s radiant glow matched the electric atmosphere, while Vishal found himself playfully at the mercy of his mischievous groomsmen, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring some light hearted fun to the celebrations. It was evident that this spirited group of friends would add a delightful dose of amusement throughout the festivities.

Bride during her haldi at her Indian wedding in Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort and Spa
Groom getting haldi applied by his friends at Renaissance Il Ciocco Resort and Spa Wedding

Mehndi Party

Our bride, Pujaa had a unique vision for her wedding events, aiming for a timeless and elegant ambience that would leave a lasting impression. Even though her wedding had to be postponed twice, we maintained her initial design choices due to their inherently timeless nature. We understood the importance of staying true to her vision, ensuring that every element reflected her desired aesthetic.

The first evening of the festivities kicked off with a grand Mehndi Party held in the hotel’s picturesque Piazetta (Italian square). As guests gathered and mingled, the talented Min Mehndi Artist adorned the ladies’ hands with intricate henna designs, adding an element of artistry and cultural significance. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation as everyone indulged in a delicious Indian feast prepared by our esteemed Indian caterers. As the sun began to set, DJ Sachy took over, ensuring the dance floor was alive and vibrant, captivating guests throughout the evening.

Pujaa’s vision for the Mehndi ceremony was to create a captivating atmosphere infused with a soft pastel colour palette. The décor incorporated delicate shades of baby blues and pinks, elegantly intertwined with touches of eucalyptus green and white. Every detail, from the lounges to the table linens, napkins, and floral arrangements, was thoughtfully designed to harmonize with this gentle and serene colour scheme. A designated picnic area provided a cosy spot for guests to relax and enjoy getting their mehndi done, fostering a sense of intimacy and relaxation. Meanwhile, a dedicated dinner and dance area was set up, ensuring that the evening was perfectly set for further celebrations and cherished moments.

Couple dancing at their Mehndi at Renaissance Il Ciocco Resort and Spa Wedding

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding mandap, we carefully selected earthy tones with a hint of peach to create a harmonious blend with the surrounding environment. Drawing inspiration from the charming peach and orange houses that dotted the village in front of the garden, as well as the lush trees enveloping the space, we carefully selected a dark wooden mandap adorned with sheer peach drapes and lush flowers in peach, orange, and beige tones. The result was a seamless integration with the natural backdrop, bringing her dream to life.

The bridal aisle was adorned with delicate petals, creating a romantic and enchanting path for Pujaa’s new journey. Two grand urns on pedestals adorned the entrance of the aisle, adding an elegant touch and setting the stage for a truly magical ceremony.

Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa Indian Wedding

The Sundowner Pizza Party

The evening after the wedding, a sundowner pizza party awaited everyone, a quintessential experience when celebrating a wedding in Italy. After all, it was the shared love for pizza that brought Pujaa, Vishal, and their beloved family and friends to this picturesque destination. This evening became an absolute favourite of ours!

As the festivities unfolded, platters of exquisite Italian cheese and meats paired perfectly with Tuscan wines, captivating the taste buds of the esteemed guests. Gathered by the pool, surrounded by breath taking views of rolling hills, anticipation filled the air. The wood-fired oven was poised to deliver an array of mouth watering pizzas with a variety of delectable toppings.

Laughter echoed throughout the night as glasses of refreshing Aperol Spritz were raised in joyful toasts, filling the atmosphere with effervescent energy. Pujaa and Vishal’s friends organized entertaining games, allowing everyone to get to know the couple even better, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among the guests. Each bite of the delectable pizzas was savoured, creating unforgettable culinary memories. Adding to the enchantment, the evening sky bestowed its own touch of magic, casting a spellbinding ambience over the celebration. It was an evening of pure joy and delight, where the love for pizza, laughter, and the picturesque setting seamlessly intertwined, creating an experience to be cherished forever.

The Grand Finale of this Magical Indian Wedding in Tuscany 

The grand culmination of the three-day celebration arrived with an exquisite reception dinner held in the hotel’s magnificent grand auditorium. Awe-inspiring from the first step inside, an elegant aperitif welcomed guests into a mesmerizing atmosphere that enveloped the room. As the evening progressed, attendees were treated to a carefully crafted 4-course sit-down meal, expertly paired with the finest selection of Italian wines. Heartfelt speeches from the couple’s nearest and dearest touched the souls of all in attendance, while stunning performances by their closest friends added an extra touch of magic. The couple themselves graced the dancefloor with a spectacular first dance, infusing the air with an infectious energy that reverberated throughout the room.

Designing this unforgettable event was an absolute pleasure, as we sought to conclude the celebrations on a high note. Every element was thoughtfully considered, from the cutlery and glassware to the table linens and charger plates, ensuring a seamless blend of elegance and luxury. The menus themselves were meticulously designed, exclusively tailored to the couple, reflecting their unique style and taste.

We remained steadfast in our commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. Understanding Pujaa and Vishal’s concerns about the vastness of the grand auditorium, we collaborated closely with our lighting engineer to create an ambience that was both warm and intimate. Implementing our own bespoke lighting design, independent of the existing hotel lights, allowed us to precisely illuminate the dinner tables with pin spots, enhancing the intimate atmosphere. Uplighters strategically placed throughout the room not only added to the decorative allure but also cleverly disguised any surplus space within the auditorium. A standout feature was the addition of a mirrored dancefloor, which, when combined with captivating lighting effects, produced a breath taking visual spectacle. Witnessing the fully set-up room surpassed the couple’s expectations, completely transforming their perception of the space. We are profoundly grateful to our couples for their unwavering trust in our expertise and creativity.

The grand reception dinner served as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define Karishma Manwani Events. It was an honour to curate such an extraordinary evening, leaving indelible memories for Pujaa, Vishal, and their cherished guests.

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Choosing Tuscany as your wedding destination means embarking on a truly extraordinary experience, surrounded by romance, and unparalleled beauty. At Karishma Manwani Events, we specialise in orchestrating luxury Indian weddings across UK and Europe. We have the expertise to transform your dream wedding in Tuscany into a beautiful reality. Let us guide you on this journey, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding celebration surpasses your expectations, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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