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Wedding reception entrance décor at L'Hemisfèric in Valencia, Spain
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Destination Weddings in Valencia Spain: Venues, Travel, & More

When I’m asked about the best place for destination weddings in Spain, Valencia is at the top of my list. This beautiful city is located on the Mediterranean coastline and boasts 300 days a year of fabulous weather, friendly and welcoming people, and some of the best food in the region. I promise you that Valencia will capture your heart! It captured my heart for sure, which is why I chose this stunning city for my own wedding this past October! Oh, what a fun time we had.

There are many different options for you when it comes to planning your dream destination wedding in Valencia. You can have a beautiful event at one of the city’s traditional estates like Masais located between fields of orange groves with stunning views of mountain ranges, or embrace a cultural route by hosting an elegant affair at a 17th-century monastery. For those fascinated by science, you’ll find many modern architectural wonders to consider for your destination wedding venue.

Valencia is perfect for destination weddings!

Valencia is often overlooked in favor of larger cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but it is the perfect size for destination weddings. Its smaller size means that it is easy to navigate and explore, and there is plenty to see and do in the city. Valencia is known for its delicious food, charming atmosphere, and temperate weather, making it a top choice for a destination for weddings in Spain. Its city center is easily walkable, and public transportation is straightforward to use. The major attractions in the city are all located within the old part of Valencia, known as Ciutat Vella, which is just a 20-minute walk from one end to the other.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Valencia, I recommend encouraging your guests to arrive a few days early or stay for a few days after the wedding so that they can fully experience everything the city has to offer!

Watercolour illustration of the top sites in Valencia – the perfect favour for your wedding guests

Valencia is a city of contrasts that has something for everyone. If you and your guests enjoy immersing yourselves in culture, you’ll find the old town packed with Framework-inspired architecture. Strolling along the quaint alleyways lined with shops, you can take in centuries of history. The city is also home to a range of architectural styles, including Spanish Modernista, Art Deco, and Art Noveau.

If you prefer relaxing on uncrowded beaches, Valencia has some of the most beautiful beaches, including Malvarosa, Arenas, and Patacona (my personal favorite).

Valencia is also a great base for day trips to nearby towns like Cullera, Xátiva, and Gandía, which have a variety of attractions including Roman ruins, museums, castles, and beaches.

In addition, Valencia has some excellent Michelin-star restaurants and plenty of local tapas bars to keep everyone happy, not to mention the delicious Spanish wine that is available to sample.

5 Dream Destination Wedding Venues In Valencia

Some of our favourite places for a destination wedding in Valencia are these venues. 

This rustic venue is an enclave dating back to the 17th century; it is a popular wedding venue because it brings together history and upscale styling. Situated on an orange grove, it has an open and natural environment and also offers on-site accommodation for you and your bridal party.

Considered one of the 12 treasures of Spain, this modern and futuristic building is a wonder. Weddings here are upscale, chic, and unforgettable. They have several locations for events, including the Hemisferic, which looks like a human eye surrounded by pools of water, and the Umbracle, which has an open-air viewpoint.

See more of this venue: Sasha & Mandev’s Wedding at the L’Hemisfèric in the City of Arts and Science

This 17th-century historical monetary is a perfect choice if you want a luxurious wedding in Valencia. The complex is surrounded by lush gardens that provide unparalleled views and six exclusive areas inside, which are perfectly adapted based on clients’ tastes or needs.

Located in Albufera National Park, this barraca (hut) is restored and modernized and is set right on the water. It’s gorgeous at sunset, and you will see many forms of wildlife. It features a large and beautiful garden setting for outdoor weddings.

Towns Nearby Valencia for a Destination Wedding

There are many beautiful and historic towns nearby Valencia for exploring if you don’t want to get married in the city but want an authentic Spanish experience for your destination wedding.

Located in the province of Alicante, this 19th-century monastery is steeped in history with amazing mature trees and lush Spanish gardens. The architecture is stunning as well, with high ceilings and archways and an open-air courtyard to enjoy a cocktail hour or host a smaller event.

Cala Clemece is a venue to consider if you want panoramic sea views. Also located in Alicante, but is set into a cove on the blue waters of the Mediterranean with views of the Illes Balears, this location is breathtaking.

The Monastery of Santa María de la Valldigna is a place where beauty and royalty can be felt in every corner. It’s rich with greenery and its deep history (Founded by King James II of Aragon) and has magnificent views of the countryside.

The Best Time of the Year to Get Married in Valencia

The best time of the year to get married in Valencia is between April and the beginning of July and then between mid-September and the end of December. 

We always recommend avoiding the summers as temperatures can hit highs of 40°C (104°F). Also, the humidity can make the temperatures feel even higher due to the Mediterranean sea. 

Do-Not-Miss-List When Visiting Valencia

Things to See and Do in Ciutat Vella.

This is Valencia’s old town with a mix of new and old. There is something for everyone here.

The largest covered market in Europe and one of the world’s prettiest, Mercat is home to around 400 stalls that sell fresh produce, fish, shrimp, and meat. It also sports a popular tapas bar owned by Valencia’s own Michelin star chef Ricard Camarena. This is a fantastic choice for a pre-wedding dinner; there is such a variety of food to enjoy here!

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The perfect spot to take in some people watching while enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine. You can’t miss it; there’s a big fountain right in the middle! This area is also home to some of the more fashionable shops in Valencia.

Plaza de La Reina

This beautiful square is surrounded by shops, cafes, and the Town Hall. It’s a great place to meet with friends or do some shopping, always blooming with pretty flowers and trees.

Plaza de La Virgen

This square is in front of the Cathedral and other emblematic historical buildings where you can find many street artists, musicians, and performers. A great place to stop and take a break because you will meet many friendly and talented people!

El Carmen

There are several art galleries to check out in this area, including Museo de Bellas Artes. Vibrant colours and smells of oranges surround you, and it has amazing places to eat and drink. Grab lunch at one of the small cafes before browsing through the markets.

This is Valencia’s version of a farmer’s market, with many people to watch! You can get everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes, flowers, jewelry, souvenirs, food, and much more! There is also an excellent public square where you can sit down for a drink or traditional Valencian snack.

The Quart Towers are one of the twelve gates that surround old Valencia. These military-style towers were built primarily with granite stones while keeping true medieval values intact, including small windows used only for defense purposes. The name “Torres de quart” comes from their location, being halfway between city centre and a village called Poblet located about 8 kilometers outside of it (4 miles).

The Serranos Towers are one of the most impressive historic structures in all of Valencia. These gate towers created an exceptional atmosphere and served as a prison for noblemen from 1586 to 1887.

The 13th-century church on this site dated from after Reconquista when Muslims were pushed outwards by Christians; it stands over what was once an 8th-century mosque. The Gothic ‘Door of Apostles’ once served as the main entrance to this mosque. The area above it has an elegant and massive 14th century rose window, topped with stunning Islamic architecture.

The Basilica de Virgen Los Desamparados or The Forsaken and/or Forgiving is one of the most important churches in all Valencia and an early Baroque building constructed between 1652-1667 on a site where there were formerly temples to Roman gods. A Renaissance arch leads from this magnificent church which is lit up beautifully every night, so you appreciate the architecture.

The design of the Palace goes back to 1418. This rectangular building was initially built as a tax office for the Crown,  and it still retains some aspects that hint at its original gothic style; two turrets flank an open façade on Plaza de Manises with a central lower section set between them

Outdoor Beauty and Architectural Wonders in Valencia

Valencia prides itself on its natural beauty, and you will notice the city is very well kept. You will often see residents out tending to gardens, and the municipal areas are beautifully landscaped.

Valencia is also packed with stunning architecture. Late Gothic gargoyles and Modernist facades stand side-by-side on each street from Romanesque structures in the centre of town. Several futuristic buildings appeal to those who appreciate modern art and technology with edgy, forward-thinking design.

Wedding venue L'Hemisfèric lit up for a wedding reception in Valencia, Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences is a must-see when in Valencia. It is the 4th largest aquarium in Europe which includes 17,000-seat music and theatrical space where you can enjoy opera and other forms of theater. The complex also consists of an interactive science museum that will delight children.

La Lonja de la Seda is a UNESCO World Heritage site also once used as a trading center. This is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Spain with an enigmatic blend of architectural styles, including Renaissance, Moorish, and Byzantine.

This freshwater lagoon is just a few miles south of Valencia and is perfect for those who want a more quiet setting for their destination wedding.  You can make a quick stop here or spend hours hiking through this beautiful area with shades from green grassland to blue skies above you as well diverse species of birds that call it home. Weddings here are private and away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Jardin del Turia has 110 hectares and seven million visitors every year! This famous green space was founded back when it consisted only of dense bushes but now includes beautiful fields for sports games or just relaxing with friends on sunny days. It also is the home of the City of Arts and Sciences and the Zoo of Valencia.

Do Not Miss These Foodie Delights in Valencia

Spaniards have a love affair with food, and Valencia is no exception. They take time eating and have many small meals throughout the day. If you love varied cuisine, you will love Valencia!

Tapas in El Carmen

Tapas are small plates or servings that can be ordered to share among friends. They might include the likes of fried fish, olives, sautéed mushrooms & other vegetables – but it’s not just about what you see on your plate! Tapas also provide an opportunity for trying new things without committing yourself too much to one dish.

El Carmen is one of the best places to try tapas because there are so many excellent restaurants to try; make it a point to try as many as you can while in Valencia!


The drink known as horchata is a popular beverage in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, but Valencians have their own twist on it. In Valencia, tiger nuts are used instead of rice, mixed with water and sugar. You will get addicted to these when you visit, I promise! It’s the perfect drink for a hot sunny day, and you’re going to want to dip Fartons into it for the true Spanish experience. Horchateria Daniel and Santa Catalina are the best places for an authentic experience. 


This well-known dish embodies Spanish culture and cuisine.  It consists of rice cooked with meat, seafood, vegetables, and spices then served on a large flat plate. You can even take Paella cooking classes in Valencia while you are here! Paella literally means pan (or plate) in Valencians’ native language; they combined this term with the meal itself, which was traditionally cooked in shallow pans.


Fartons are crispy, fried dough that you can buy in many places around town, similar to a donut but oblong and much fluffier to soak up the Horchata. This is the perfect light snack to stop at when strolling through Valencia’s streets or heading for one of its many parks!

How to Travel to Valencia for Your Destination Wedding

Valencia Airport ( Manises Airport) is situated 9 km (15 minutes) west of the city of Valencia. You can find plenty of local cabs available to you and your wedding guests as you exit the airport after collecting your baggage. 

Valencia Airport is also conveniently connected to the city of Valencia by various means of public transport. The metro network Metrovalencia with lines 3 and 5 (running every 10 minutes) on the airport station connects the airport to the city centre (15 minutes), the main railway station of the city Estació del Nord (20 minutes), and the port of Valencia (30 minutes).

Renting a car at the airport is also an option, especially if you want to combine your destination wedding with a Valencian sightseeing tour; you can find several rental car companies offering a large variety of cars. Hertz, Sixt, and Goldcar are some rental car agencies we recommend.

Where to Stay in Valencia

One of the advantages of hiring a destination wedding planner is that we can make sure you and your guests have the perfect place to stay in the city. Here are some of our favourite locations for lodging in Valencia. 

Set very close to the historic centre of Valencia and within 2.6 km from the famous City of Arts & Science, this 5-star hotel is a great choice! The interior design is inspired by Art Deco architecture which provides an elegant yet modern feel in each room while also having many other facilities such as restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine and outdoor gardens that are perfect for hosting a welcome dinner.

Hotel Balneario Las Arenas was the first grand luxury hotel in the Valencia region. This 5-star resort enjoys a privileged seafront location offering you and your wedding guests views of the Mediterranean sea throughout their stay, making it perfect for hosting events from weddings to postnuptial brunches! The event spaces at this beautiful destination are both indoor and outdoor, and they are known for their excellent catering.

Valencia’s latest piece of 5-star luxury, located in the heart of the historic centre, has recently been refurbished and decorated by the renowned interior designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan. This contemporary hotel offers many amenities not found elsewhere, such as a bespoke tailor service, an on-site luxury florist, and a gym. The star of the hotel is the El Mirador de Only, a restaurant on the 9th floor that has 360-degree views of the city. A perfect place for pre-wedding dinner or post-wedding events.

The luxury 5-star Hotel Palacio Vallier is a flagship hotel, a 19th century mansion located in the most beautiful part of Valencia’s old town. The remains of a Roman perfumery dating back to the third century were discovered during refurbishment: an exceptional discovery that gives a unique atmosphere to this 5-star hotel with its 31 rooms and the best suites in the city. 

Caro Hotel Valencia, a distinctive gem in the vibrant city of Valencia, Spain. This hotel seamlessly fuses elegance of a 19th-century palace with the comfort and style of a luxury boutique hotel.

The enchanting Palau de la Mar, a timeless jewel of Valencia, Spain. With its rich history and exquisite architecture, this historic landmark stands as a testament to Valencia’s cultural and architectural heritage. Situated in close proximity to the stunning Turia Gardens and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the Palau de la Mar offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Hire a Destination Wedding Planner in Valencia

If you are thinking of getting married in one of these beautiful wedding venues in Valencia, my team and I at Karishma Manwani Events would be honored to be your destination wedding planner for your dream Valencia destination wedding.

I work around you and your lifestyle to ensure a seamless and enjoyable wedding planning process. I love listening to you and your partner, understanding what you envision so that I can make your wedding unique and personal to you. For years to come, I want your guests to tell you how your wedding in Valencia was the best wedding they have ever attended.

I am fluent in Spanish and have extensive experience planning weddings in Valencia and all over Spain. I have built strong relationships with the best local wedding vendors and venues. No request is too big or too small!  Our team is here to help you enjoy the destination wedding planning process with someone local in Valencia, who understands the culture and all this city has to offer.